The attention of the users for minimized video

We know that playing videos automatically is bad.

When users arrive on a web page, they do not appreciate being surprised by video or audio content that plays without their permission. Video and its accompanying audio may confuse or distract users and affect the use of content on the site.

Suppose, however, that the user is satisfied with automatically playing videos or clicking on the video. When the user then begins to roll the web page past the video, the video is minimized to the edge of the page and is still running.

Here is an example of such a video by Helsingin Sanomat. Screenshot of the same page:

News website with minimized video in the right sidebar.

Has anyone done any research or read about how users participate in this type of video? It seems to me that the attention of the user is directed to the message text itself. Is this attention different if the video is an ad?