The best way to find websites in Google that are linked to another website (backlink checker)

How can I do it?

for example.

I have a website that is, and I want to search google, which points to my website.

maybe sick anchor text? Branding? Naked URL? Root domain?

What is the best way to do this?

it's like ahrefs a backlink checker, but is it a real-time scraping from the scrapebox?

I can export all backlinks to an Excel file and provide the backlink lists and anchor text associated with

I think I answered you in another forum? Maybe someone else

"" site:

or is there, I think

link: abc

still works, but shows few results.

Then you can also use the Backlink Checker addon, which is operated by Moz. You can get a free Mozi API, but the results are limited to 1000