The CryptoWP plugin is active on 1,000+ sites! | Forum Promotion

A few years back at the start of the 2018 crypto bull run I developed a simple plugin called CryptoWP that let’s any WordPress site owner display the current price of any cryptocurrency on their websites.

Funny enough, I was alerted to the start of the bull run while designing the admin dashboard and testing the API data, as shown below (screenshot not from that time period):


Well, this little passion project has been sitting on the Plugins directory for free for the past years and it was just brought to my attention that within the past two days it has been downloaded over 200 times and is currently active on over 1,000 websites! (note: downloads !== active sites)

Compared to CryptoWP’s charts, BTC has nothing on this plugin’s moon potential. :cool:

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 3.28.59 PM.png

I certainly see some updates coming to this plugin and the near future, and even some monetization possibilities now that the plugin audience is getting quite established.