The customer agrees to the Terms of Service on Monday – breaks them on Tuesday – says they mean nothing?

As with almost all service providers, to obtain service from SSD nodes, you must understand that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service (TOS). These TOS do not allow cryptocurrency applications, multimedia transcoding, plex etc. To make this as obvious as possible, the message to the TOS confirmation box will say "plex, spam, cryptocurrency apps, etc." not displayed. Pretty clear, yes?

We still have people who sign up to run cryptocurrency applications, etc., who obviously do not agree with our TOS, even though they say so. And then they really get annoyed that they can not operate their favorite coin server / miner / daemon / whatever. And when we enforce our TOS, they often threaten to post bad posts – often in this forum. (That's why most of the bad reviews are nonsense).

Here is an example. This customer means that his situation needs to be publicized, though, if he says …

I can continue to create negative feedback in different media for you if you do not get me my money

I do not think they are planning a fair and accurate assessment.

This customer registered with us in January 2018 and then agreed to TOS. On Monday This week, they signed up for another server during a Black Friday sale. To get this server, they had to check the box next to the following check box:

I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Plex, spam, cryptocurrency apps, etc. are not allowed

It is not possible to receive service from us without confirmation.

On Tuesday Your server was stopped due to high resource usage caused by its execution Pivxd,

The Private Instant Verified Transaction "Advanced Cryptocurrency Project" is described at as follows:

PIVX: Private Instant Verified Transaction (Tx) is an MIT-licensed, block-based, open source cryptocurrency with ultra-fast transactions, low fees, high network decentralization, and zero-knowledge cryptography evidence for industry-leading transaction anonymity.

PIVX is the first cryptocurrency to implement a directly evaluable Zerocoin protocol. In addition, a Zerocoin-enabled proof-of-stake consensus algorithm called ZPoS has been developed and implemented to provide complete confidentiality of the account balance and transactions during staking.

The customer claims now that the TOS that they have not read are essentially meaningless and that they can do anything they want. You say Pivxd is not an application for cryptocurrency. We "hid" the rule about the prohibition of persons. You are entering "legal action through PayPal" (they have submitted an application) and will post negative reviews about SSD nodes, if we do not give them a refund:

I suspended my server 1 day after purchase and you refer to a well-hidden text that is not clear at all.
There is no reason for this suspension. Even if you clearly mentioned the rule about crypto applications, this is still an application I'm running on
a server I paid for. And there is nothing illegal about that.
If you do not reimburse me, I will initiate legal action through Paypal. It is very sad that you are preventing your customers from using the hardware for a legal application
just like everything else. If people do not use the resources for illegal activities, you can not tell them what they really should do.
I hope I can remain a customer for my other server, but if you do not pay my money back for this server, I will migrate the other one too, when the time comes.

Very disappointing service.

And among other things:

And again, use the word cryptocurrency applications in a generic term. I run a SERVER that validates transactions. It's a server like any other.
An application can be an exchange, a game or whatever. I never thought that it is not allowed to run a server on a server. And since you can not provide the service I paid for, I will demand my money back.
And you give me no reason why you do not allow it. I could understand if it was illegal or if I abused the service in any way, but they were just incomprehensible. And in the EU, where your sale of your service is legally a 14-day regret period, no matter what the reason.
And people do not usually read all those TOS that are miles! Unless they want to use it for something illegal. And who can imagine that the server can not be used as a server.

I hope you do the right thing. I can continue to create negative feedback in different media for you if you do not get me my money. For you it's a small amount, but for me its allotment. It's just too crazy, I pay over $ 100 and can not use it for no reason.

The customer does not agree that the ban on cryptocurrency applications was mentioned next to the checkbox on the shopping cart page, not just in the "kilometer" TOS. They also seem to have the somewhat unrealistic expectation that they can sign a contract online, and this is binding for us, but not for them. (they live in a fantasy world).

If not otherwise, this is a good example of the problem that people threaten / publish bad reviews to get what they want.