the one ring – Journey Roles when traveling through a mine (specifically Mines of Moria)

I am going to run a group through the mines of moria in a The One Ring game and I am unsure how to have all the roles work in such an environment.

Basic plot is that this group was hired by Balin to frequently deliver supplies. On this trip is when Balin has been killed and the goblins have killed the rest of that party. The PC party sees the horde of goblins from a distance and are going to go the opposite way when there is a light coming from behind (yes, the Balrog). So they flee into the passages where they have never been. Now they must escape the mines of Moria before the goblins choose a new king and they unite into a single horde. Until then they are dealing with tribes who’s main focus is not intruders they may or may not know about.

The guide role still works as intended as they will be choosing the directions and attempting to leave the mines. No, the guide is not going to know the mines or even have complete maps.

The scout role is giving me issues because their job is to set up camp and break new trails. I can see the setting up camp still (because rest is still needed even if your being hunted by orcs), but their not going to be making new tunnels. Anyone playing this role might feel left out compared to the importance of the guide.

The huntsman role is also an issue because their role is to find food. In this environment the party shouldnt split up so it would be mostly limited to deciding whatever they come across is safe to eat. Again, how to make they feel included compared to the guide?

The look out man role is as important as the guide. Observing the surrounds in the tunnels for ambush and all that.

What can I do for the huntsman and scout?