The visa officer at US embassy said my visa is approved but when I check the status, it is saying refused

I have applied for F1 visa, after interviewing the visa officer said my visa is approved and gave me a blue leaflet, didn’t say anything about administrative processing.

Here is a point to be noted, at the time of the interview I failed to provide my recent photograph, the photograph I provided is more than 6 months old . There was a person who initially check every doc , and mentioned that, I said as I didn’t get enough time , hence I couldn’t manage my recent photograph . The person said don’t worry , u can submit that later.

When I arrived home , I got a mail “Please be advised to submit new photographs (2 copies) taken within the last six months, along with a copy of this email, at your pre-selected document collection center.” On next working day , I submitted my recent photograph .

Now when I am checking my status in this link , it is saying refused

Shall I be worried ?

enter image description here