The world’s First 5G + Blockchain project launches in ShenZhen, China | Proxies-free

The world’s First 5G + Blockchain project launched in ShenZhen, China.


The launch gathered Lianmeng Capital partner Yang Jianjun, Gloriosa Capital Co-founder Chen Zhangrong, Milin Finance Founder Tan Lin and representatives of various investment institutions and media from China and abroad to discuss the development direction of the 5G + blockchain combination. Project representatives shared the technological advantages, solutions, and application scenarios of Hyper Speed Network. The “5G + blockchain” concept, elaborate application solutions, and strong project team are particularly impressive.

HSN Co-founder Mr. Jia Mingzhe introduced the status and technical essentials of HSN and presented a video introduction to HSN where the guests were able to grasp the high throughput, reliability, capacity, diversity, and compatibility, low cost and other technical advantages of HSN. Besides those, application solutions of HSN for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Smart City, and edge computing modules were presented. Mr. Jia Mingzhe believes that the underlying technology often determines the overall direction of human society development. And HSN has emerged to guide the society to a new digital life in the 5G + IoT era.

Further, HSN CEO Mr. She Gaoyuan introduced HSN’s existing 5G modules, Mesh products, application cases, and technical advantages in detail. Mr. She mentioned that an increasing number of modern devices such as cameras and speakers need networking. The interconnection of all things has become the current development trend; and the emergence of 5G is a foundation for it. However, to popularize 5G, the industry has yet to solve many challenges. This is where it comes to HSN who have found a breakthrough to solve them.

As the basic public chain of the 5G digital economy focusing on 5G applications, HSN aims to make complex application scenarios network-enabled by using blockchain, so as to assist the industrial development in the 5G age. After the mainnet launch, HSN will be widely used in cloud VR/AR, Smart Security, IoV, Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), SD-WAN + NAS, Mesh products, edge computing modules, and other applications of the 5G environment.