Thinking of Buying an Email List? Will it Help You Sell More Stuff?

The only difference between a successful lista de correo online business and an internet business that is struggling to make a buck is the availability of an email list to stay in touch with your existing customers and to build a relationship with potential customers. But what is the best way to create a successful email marketing campaign ?There are always places that you can purchase a massive email list or use the services of a bulk emailer. But you must consider several things before you decide if that is the best way for you to go.

What is the deliverability of the services? It doesn’t do any good to send a bulk mailing to 100,000 emails at a high price if the company does not have a high percentage of deliverability, otherwise, your emails will go straight to the spam folder and never be read. Do you know how these email addresses were collected? You have no real way to verify that the owners of these email addresses even want to receive your email. Were they opt-in emails or were they simply harvested through the use of software used to crawl the web capturing email addresses. If that is the case, your email would be spam and be against the anti-spam laws in most countries.

Are these emails even remotely relevant to your business? How can you guarantee that your email campaign will be delivered to customers who are interested in what you have to offer? You can only take the service at face value and accept what they are telling you. You have no way of proving the effectiveness of the campaign until after the fact and at that time, you have already paid for the service.