time complexity – Theta bound for runtime analysis of nested while loops

I am trying to fully analyze the running time of $texttt{nestedLoops}$ in terms of $n$ with a Theta bound.

The Java code I have is as follows:

public void nestedLoops(int n) {
     int i = 1;
     while (i < n) {
          int j = i;
          while (j > 1) {
               int k = 0;
               while (k < n) {
                    k += 2;
               j = j // 2
          i *= 2

I know that the innermost while loop has an obvious runtime of $lceil frac{n}{2} rceil$.
But I get stuck on the next while loops. I think the middle while loop has a runtime of $lfloor
log_2texttt{i} rfloor$
, but that is very confusing for me.

Any help would be taken with much gratitude.