time machine – Restored Keychain doesn’t persist

I’ve just migrated MBPro to Mojave. Everything came through nicely, except the keychain. After upgrade, the keychain has been wiped fresh by Migration Assistant.

So, I moved contents of ~/Library/Keychains into a new dir called ~Library/Keychains/OLD and restored the following from Timemachine: login.keychain and metadata.keychain (There were no other files in backup of ~/Library/Keychains because there was no AppleID registered on the computer at the time of the backup).

After restoring, I Launch Keychain Access and my recovered items are all there and recognized. I see that Keychain Access has added some files to the ~/Library/Keychains directory, presumably for the iCloud keychain, which I have turned off (resulting in Local Items, only).

When I restart, it’s like Groundhog day (I’ve done this several times). The restored items are gone and the Login keychain items are just a handful of default items, generated by Keychain on launch. My System Keychain still has my wifi PW and a bunch of old SSID’s from past travels, so the problem is just with Login Keychain and Local Items ie: only those associated with this username.

I have de-selected Keychain Access in iCloud, so that it wouldn’t try to sync an empty file to my MB. So, I’m at a total loss. Thoughts?