tls – Can an SSL certificate be edited?

First of all I want to say that this question is not a duplicate.

What I want to know(And possibly get reasons) is if it’s able to edit SSL certificates.

In more depth, let’s say I have a server on my computer where when someone connects to it(and sends the HTTP request) the server get’s the Host HTTP parameter(I should clarify that the client has a poisoned hosts file) and uses it to connect to the real server, so my server retrieves the certificate of the real server, now if I edit the information of the certificate(like IP addresses) and then send this modified certificate to the client, the client should believe the certificate and thus show this green lock in the address bar.

I think this could happen if the hosts file is correctly poisoned and/or you set up a router-like device that will intercept the request to any external needed server(if any) and send false information

What do you think?