To install Linux on a USB flash drive to make the installation compatible with the macOS bootloader

I want to install Linux on a USB flash drive so my Mac can run it from the Start menu.

When I burn a Linux live CD to a USB flash drive, my Mac displays it in the Start menu. However, if I install it on a USB flash drive, the installation does not appear in the Start menu.

This happens according to this article because the EFI partition used by macOS expects the EFI partition to have a different format (HFS +) while using Linux (VFAT). I do not want to use the complicated approach / complicated hacks in this article because I always damage my drive when fiddling with such things. I would like to have a simple solution.

What I've tried is to use the old Master Boot Record installation without an EFI partition; but that did not work. This could be because Grub does some weird things.

Does anyone have experience with this problem or any tips? Maybe there is another boot loader that avoids these problems?

PS: I also know rEFInd, but it has to be installed on my macOS bootloader. I do not like that because Boot Camp sometimes overwrites it and it has a chaotic reinstallation process. Maybe I can install rEFInd on the USB? Does it work?