To use Noteburner for Mac to remove Drm protection from iTunes songs on Apple Mac

Instructions for using NoteBurner with iTunes 8

Step 1 In NoteBurner for Mac, choose output format and output path

Go to the upper left NoteBurner> Preferences …. A window is displayed as follows:


Here you can select the output path under which the converted audio files are located and the desired output format of MP3 and
AAC and quality. If you also want to receive the update notification message,
Activate the option "Check updates at startup".

Step 2 Create a new playlist here and add iTunes music

Go to the File> New Playlist menu in iTunes to create a new playlist containing all the music and audiobooks you want to burn. Right-click the music in the music library and audiobooks in the Audiobooks library to select Add to Playlist and select the created list. Press Shift or Command to add more than one file to the playlist at a time.

Step 3 Burn this new playlist to iTunes

After adding all the music and audiobooks to the playlist you created, go to that playlist and click the Burn Disc button in the lower right corner of iTunes to start burning. You may have to wait a moment for iTunes and NoteBurner to work for Mac. If you do not want it to continue, just click "x" to stop burning.

Step 4 Select NoteBurner as a CD burner for iTunes

In the Burn Settings window, select "Notote Virtual CD-RW" as the CD burner. Please also check Audio CD and Include CD Text so that the converted music can record relevant information such as the title and artist of the music. Then click OK to continue.

Once all selected files have been burned to virtual discs and successfully converted, you can right-click on the music and select Show in Finder to check the converted audio files in the output folder. If you want to edit the tags for these converted files, you can select Edit Tags or press the Edit Tags button in the upper-right corner of the interface.