Token-based registration

I am trying to create a system in which only users with a valid token can register. You can think of the token as a string that lets the user enroll in my system.

The token should cover

  1. Status: (pending, verified, suspended)
    2nd expiration date.
    3.Dated date.
    4.confirmed date.
    5. User (user who used the token for registration)
    6.Token Type: Email Registration, Coupon, etc.

  2. The token should really be random and not derived from related information.

  3. Ideally, the token is base62 encoded (A-Z a-z 0-9) to avoid problems with the URL.

  4. Save only one hash of the token in the database. Otherwise, an attacker with read access to the database can register an account.

I just need more ideas on this topic and 1 table named "token" should be enough. This validation is hosted as an API.