tools – Is there a Mastodon or Pleroma or other Fediverse (ActivityPub) instance with committed support from Ubuntu/Canonical?

As part of the movement towards the Fediverse (federated Internet publishing and social media platforms) and away from the currently dominant platforms that exist to sell user data to advertisers, various organizations are providing their participants with supported instances of federated platforms like Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, and WriteFreely.

For example, Ubuntu provides members with email addresses and the PlanetUbuntu blogging instance as noted at Can anyone get an email address? – Ask Ubuntu.

See also Debian’s approach at

Does Ubuntu/Canonical plan to provide these sorts of collaborative tools, to facilitate participant collaboration, networking and outreach in a safe, secure and well-integrated environment?

Does PlanetUbuntu support ActivityPub for federated connections?