TotalCommander’s Lister Window won’t show up in foreground in Remote Desktop

From my Windows 10, I am connecting via Remote Desktop Connection to another Windows 10 PC. Here I am opening a text file by pressing F3 in Total Commander. The lister window appears on the bottom taskbar, but the window won’t show up in the foreground, even if I explicitly click it in the taskbar!! Everything works fine when I am doing this directly on the computer. The problem is only present when connecting via Remote Desktop Connection. Is Remote Desktop somehow changing the behaviour of Windows? It shouldn’t, probably!

TC is version 9.22a 9.51.

PS: not sure if it matters, but the native resolution of my client (local PC) is 3000×2000, the native resolution of the server I think is like 1920×1280 or the like, but in the remote desktop it works in the high dpi 3000×2000.