trains – Moving house hold items from Bangalore to Delhi

I am shifting from Bangalore to Bareilly in next 2-3 months. Though most of my house hold items I am planning to sell on olx, but there are few items which were purchased by my brother and he is no more. So I want to take those items with me, which includes:

  1. One washing Machine: 40 to 45 KG weight max
  2. One pair of tower speakers: 14 to 16 KG weight
  3. One baby stroller: 7 to 9 KG weight
  4. One special wooden chair for disabled baby: 10 to 15 KG
  5. One LED tv: 43 Inches: 8 to 10 KG weight
  6. One carton box: Contains some utensils: 15 KG
  7. One carton Box: Contains clothes: 10 to 12 KG
  8. Two mixer grinders: 4-5 KG each

Can I get a basic idea about two things:

Whether they will accept the booking from Bangalore to Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh directly, saying that there is no direct train.(Doesn’t matter if it is booked as luggage or parcel)?

What can be approx cost for parcel of above items in total?