transit – Transiting through Netherlands in private vehicle during Covid restrictions

My family and I are German citizens and residents. We plan in July 2021 to travel from the UK to Germany in our private car and our preferred route is to take the overnight ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden, Netherlands and then continue in our private car to Germany.

I have read the Dutch government website regarding the current COVID-19 restrictions and I want to be sure that I have understood it correctly. Because most of the rules are for people ending or starting their journey in the Netherlands, but we will just transit in a private vehicle.

As I understand it we are allowed to arrive by Ferry and transit through NL in a car as we are EU citizens & residents. But we will be required to provide a negative PCR test prior to embarkation in Newcastle (does this also apply to our 6-year-old?), and of course follow the restrictions related to Covid.

We plan to just transit through the country without any stops.

And I understand that we will have to quarantine upon arrival at home in Germany for 2 weeks due to current restrictions on arrivals from the UK.

Both my wife and I will have been vaccinated twice prior to the start of the trip, but as far as I can see this does not change any of the requirements above.

And of course, the situation may change!