Travel affiliate website integrated with travelpayouts API

Travel website are built professionally, SEO friendly and mobile friendly. It runs on the blogger platform and is fully integrated with Whitelabel Travelpayouts. We will register it on Google Business.

Travel affiliate website that have been designed to run automatically and are linked with white label travepayouts (Flights and Hotels) which have been customized to make it look more beautiful and attractive. You can see the website display which I have attached the screenshot image.

The way this travel website works is the same as any other travel website, it’s just that this website is all handled by the travelpayouts white label system from start to finish and you don’t need to interfere in the process.

Whitelabel is very sophisticated and integrated with many popular airlines and hotel agents around the world. is built on the blogger/blogspot platform and is fully integrated with the travelpayouts white label. Blogger is a website platform and features SSL which is completely free without monthly fees forever supported by Google. Professional email that is made using a custom domain without a paid email hosting service or a gsuite service. You can also send messages via Gmail that has a custom domain.

The costs you pay are only for renewing the domain name each year and there may be other costs that you may want to spend on costs such as SEO services and other promotional costs to support the traffic of this website (this is only an option, if you are good at SEO or other techniques you don’t have to pay for this). and keep in mind that the operational costs of this website only renew the domain every year and without website maintenance costs or hosting costs.

I will also help in the process of changing the data on the affiliate account until it’s finished and also I will register the name of this website on the google directory account and other directories using your address and your telephone number. this way so that your business appears on Google or other search engines when someone is looking for a travel agent in the city of xxx or the surrounding area according to your area of origin and this is a local SEO technique.

A few summary of commissions from each affiliate network programs:

  • 50-70% commission earned, Affiliate networks share commissions with affiliates 50%-70% of the revenue that affiliate networks receive from agents and airlines. On average, affiliate networks receive around 2.2% of the ticket price. The percent depends on the amount of income that receives from the partner’s traffic and the payment method.
  • $15- $20 shares income between marketers and affiliate networks of the $30 income earned from hotel bookings, with an average hotel booking price of $400.
  • an average of 6 euros commission per taxi trip.
  • 60% of the advertiser’s income, for every person who rents a car.
  • 12-20 Eur commission earned, claiming for compensation due to flight cancellation/delay.

The website that I made is integrated with a travel affiliate networks. You don’t need to provide hosting, you only need to provide a domain and also a gmail account.

Website features:

  • SSL free forever.
  • No hosting fees forever.
  • User friendly design.
  • Responsive design .
  • Mobile friendly.
  • 100% automated.
  • Fully integrated with all travel affiliate networks.
  • Website translation.
  • Free custom email domain.

If you have any other questions contact me.