Traveling to USA using the South african refugee travel document

How one may travel to the US is determined by one’s citizenship. Some citizens of other countries may travel to the US for non-immigrant purposes (i.e., travel) without a visa. Others may be eligible for ESTA, an electronic system that grants (or denies) permission to come to the US border to seek admission without having a visa.

Refugee Travel Documents are accepted by some countries as sufficient for entry, but not by all countries. The US does not accept them for visa-free travel. Without knowing your country of citizenship, we cannot say if you’re eligible for ESTA. Thus, to travel to the US you must apply for and receive a US visa.

US visas for persons resident in South Africa are handled by the US Embassy and Consulates in South Africa.

Note that in applying for a visa you’ll have to disclose your country of citizenship, even though it is the country from which you are a refugee.