troubleshooting – Canon T7i- won’t power on

My 3 year old Canon T7i suddenly decided to stop turning on. I’ve tried everything including

  • powering the battery fully
  • replacing the battery twice
  • changing the lense
  • switching the microswitches on the battery and SD card doors
  • replaced the SD card
  • connecting the camera to my laptop
  • leaving the fully charged battery out overnight
  • opened the camera body to check for lose connections

Still won’t power on. Any other tips?

I searched online and found the t6i has a button cell battery on the main board.. but i didn’t see one on mine. Perhaps it’s on the underside of the board.

Anyone have internal schematics of the T7i body?

I contacted a local repair shop and he told me to send it to canon… I don’t want to pay $400 to repair it when I could buy a t8i body for $750….