troubleshooting – How can I produce high quality images of field ranges for training sets?

I am an Agronomic researcher assisting on a ML problem for identifying soy diseases. I would like to capture an image of a single range of soy (roughly 1′ wide by 5′ long) that is at least mostly in-focus (but will also be divided into smaller images for ease of clarity). Ideally experts will evaluate these fields, and their evaluation along with this image, will be passed along to train the algorithm.

I am using a Canon EOS 6D mark II for this project with an EF 24–105mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM lens. I have tried taking some images in Av mode with a narrow aperture of up to f/22 which is the max it will let me do from an angle in front of the range. Only the top bit of the plants matters terribly much for this context. I have been using the autofocus option available, but centering the area in the middle of the top of the range. I have not tried editing shutter time yet, and I’m not really sure how to optimize.

Another question I have thought to ask:

Reducing the 1′ width down to a 0-dimension for this figure, if the plants a roughly 2′ tall, what angle must I be at to capture a clear image with what aperture and ISO options so that the tops (or the top of the green rectangle in this question) are mostly clearly visible?

Any and all advice is extremely welcome! I’m a relatively novice photographer, but the outcomes of this are decently important and photo quality is the number one parameter holding us up right now.

enter image description here


I was asked to post some of the photos we’d being using:

So here is with autofocus: (link to full size)

enter image description here

With narrowest aperture, f/22: (link to full size)

enter image description here

Ideally we can get this clear enough that we can train both a ML algorithm on this AND have professionals rate it from photos alone.