troubleshooting – Why does my Canon dSLR screen go black after taking two photos?

You “fix” it by taking the battery out and putting it back in. 😜

Seriously, it does sound like a bug in your camera, but it could be caused by a faulty battery or resolved by changing settings related to how long the screen stays on after taking a shot. Or could it be that your camera starts sending the screen output to a connected device (a phone or tablet, via wifi?)

What you describe, going off after taking two shots, and requiring removing and re-inserting the battery (not just turning on and off the power), sounds like a real issue, not just a default being reset by removing and re-inserting the battery. So there are a few possible fixes:

  1. You “fix” the problem by returning the camera to Canon (for in-warranty repairs).


  1. You “fix” the problem by installing a firmware update in your camera (possible fix, but I’m not sure)


  1. You experiment and see if any changes to possibly relevant settings fix the issue or change it (e.g. the display settings and/or pairing with a smartphone)


  1. You just shoot and ignore that screen on the back of your camera.