tunneling – SSH reverse tunnels: can the intermediate server eavesdrop on an SSH session?

Suppose there are three computers: (1) my laptop, (2) a server that has a public static IP address, and (3) a Raspberry Pi behind a NAT. I connect from (1) to (3) via (2) as explained below.

On the server (2), I add GatewayPorts yes to /etc/ssh/sshd-config, and restart the SSH daemon: sudo systemctl reload sshd.service.

On the Raspberry Pi, I create a reverse SSH tunnel to the server:

rpi$ ssh -R 2222:localhost:22 username-on-server@server-ip-address

On my laptop, I am now able to connect to the Raspberry Pi using:

laptop$ ssh -p 2222 username-on-pi@server-ip-address

The question is: is the server able to see the data sent between my laptop and the Raspberry Pi? Can the server eavesdrop on the SSH session between my laptop and the Raspberry Pi?