Turkey – What is this special ceramic style and where is it made?

(Maybe not exactly a travel question, but I hope that it belongs to the topic here.)

A few years ago on my trip through Montenegro I found very nice ceramic plates, dishes and other items in a souvenir shop in Kotor and in a shop in Ulcinj:

Another example
Second example back

I liked them very much, but they were a bit expensive (~ 20-30 € for a large plate), so I bought some of them, not as much as I wanted. They do not have any manufacturer brand (except "Hand made 65" on one of them, as shown in the photo above).

I later saw them in a souvenir shop in my hometown of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (the store specializes in "souvenirs from all over the world"), but there were few and also expensive ones (about the same price).

Now I'm in Cyprus and there are similar items in every souvenir shop. A little cheaper, but not much cheaper.

After some googling, I find that this can be called Turkish Iznik ceramics (e.g. 1, 2), although the Wikipedia page in Iznik ceramics does not contain any pictures of this style, but all pictures there are similar, but have different styles. I also remember that I found an article on the Internet that said that the Istanbul markets offer a lot of such articles at really low prices, but I cannot find this article now.

I will probably be in Istanbul next year and hoped to find the same items in a market, but much better than in souvenir shops as the latter are always overpriced.

So my questions are:

  1. Is this name Iznik ceramics / ceramics correct? If not, what is the correct name for the articles of this style? If so, is there a more precise name?
  2. Where are they made?
  3. Can I buy it cheaper somewhere than in the stores where I saw it? What typical prices can I expect?

Note that I am not talking about authenticity, originality or whatever. I just want to buy high quality items of this style. That means that if the articles of this style are made in several places these days, I don't mind which of them is "original". I'm also not interested in similar but different styles, as shown in a Wikipedia article about Iznik ceramics or Uzbek ceramics, etc.