Two-way collision detection for kinematic unity 2D objects

I have a very simple scenario where I realized that it is impossible to configure and display it in Unity using the existing collision tools.

First, I have a player object that does not use physics simulation. I connected a kinematic Rigidbody2D and a BoxCollider2D to the player.

I also have GameObjects with attached BoxCollider2Ds and isTrigger to adjust true, This is easy to see when my player enters the space these objects occupy so they can pick up the objects.

However, in Unity, I found an impossible scenario in which the objects should respond to the player taking their place, e.g. B. thrown into an adjacent room. I can not tell from a script attached to non-player objects, that a collision has occurred, or even triggered a trigger.

To do this, I would need to provide the non-player objects with a kinematic Rigidbody2D so that they can detect triggering events. However, this prevents the trigger events because the player object is also a kinematic rig body2D while at the same time preventing the original functionality of the player recognizing these triggers.

How is it possible to set up bidirectional collision detection in a Unity 2D project without subjecting my objects to physics simulation?