typedef – How to create ranges and synonym constants in C#?

I’ve just started working in C#, and I would like to define a new type (Priority) as an integer, going from 1 to 9. In top of this, I would like to create three new constants:

pri_Low,     which has value 1
pri_Default, which has value 5
pri_High,    which has value 9

I though of doing something like this: (C-style)

typedef TPriority = 1..9;
Const TPriority pri_Low     1;
Const TPriority pri_Default 5;
Const TPriority pri_High    9;

But when I look for this on the internet, I get answers like “You need to create a class, and you need to declare it static, and …”.

My first reaction is “Hold your horses. I just want to create a simple range of numbers and give a meaning to three of them. No classes, no constructors, no static, public, private, friend or whatever fancy things, just simple basics.”, is this even possible or is C# that into “Everything is a class” that such simple things are not even allowed?