ubuntu – static IPv4 in QEMU

I am relatively new to QEMU, trying to provide static IP addresses to the network interfaces while invoking the QEMU images from the command line.
The command is as follows:

qemu-system-x86_64 -smp 2 -hda disk.img -net nic, model = i82557b, vlan = 1, macaddr = 00: 06: 04: 00: 0a: 01 -net-user, vlan = 1, net = 10 , 10th 10.1 / 24 

So, I assign a network interface whose IP address should be

When the operating system starts up, the MAC address is assigned correctly. However, the IP address is set to on by default

According to documentation, the X.X.X.15 is probably on DHCP – which I do not want to configure.

How do I specify a specific IP address to bind to the network interface?

Many Thanks