UK Visit visa got refused wrongly when should I re-apply?

I’m a software engineer and working as a full-time freelancer since November 2018. I have long-term clients who pay me on monthly basis milestone. It just like a work from home job as well. I applied for the UK visit visa for tourism purpose during Christmas days. Below is the timeline of this whole process

  • Online Application submitted and fee paid (UK standard visa 6-months)
    26 September 2020

  • Biometric collection and passport submission — 3 November 2020

  • Email received from UKVI Abu Dhabi (Your visa application has been
    concluded) — 15 November 2020

  • Refusal decision email received — 16 November 2020

I’m attaching the refusal letter I received with all reason of refusal they mentioned.

The 3rd point they mentioned is not making sense because they don’t know income tax ordinance of Pakistan. According to clause 133 of income tax ordinance of Pakistan, the income earned by any freelance working by selling the software development and maintenance services to foreign clients using by the freelance platform is exempt from the tax and I clearly mentioned it in my cover letter attached with my visa application. In my income tax returns copy the foreign income is also mentioned as well as the local income which I earned form my local clients. The local income for the fiscal year (2019 -2020) is 136,310. so this is the considered taxable income on the first acknowledge page of my ITR (Income tax return). And they are considering a conflict between the income I mentioned in my application, Upwork earning certificate attached and my income tax returns. How can it be justified?

Ok, the other point that a person who is a full-time freelancer and who can work from anywhere can’t get a visa?

Please guide and help me, what was mistakes and what to do next to get the UK visa?

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