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UK visit visa refusal

I was recently denied a visit visa and I would like to re apply.

The visa was denied because I had stated I had no income or savings, whilst I had also stated In the application I had a monthly expenditure of x amount. so that raiseD concerns on how I could spend that monthly without an income or savings. I do however get an allowance in cash from my mother Monthly but I didn’t in effect at the time realize I had to state that as an income.

Also: my entire trip is being sponsored for by my spouse and father My in law (Accommodation,food etc..) and the Only cost I will bare is the purchase of a return enter image description hereair ticket, of which (as I also did on my last successful visa application) I was given funds by my mother for this and I went on and opened A bank account and My mother wired The funds into my personal bank account directly from hers. However my mothers bank statementS that I provided seemed to have missed the two pages that showed this money transfer/transaction and so the statement couldn’t prove origin of funds.

I have since collected my mother’s complete bank statement, and I will this time state in my application the allowance I get to correspond with my monthly expenditure.

am open to all thoughts, ideas and recommendations.

How best can I address these issues in my re application?