uninstallation – Why is impossible to remove system apps and preinstalled apps like ‘Facebook’ (with Android OS & without rooting) and can they be suppressed?

What is the explanation offered by manufacturers and vendors for why this is the case?

Have there been legal challenges to this practice?

For instance, I can’t remove the apps ‘Facebook’ (not OS-related), ‘Analytics’ and some non-essential apps by the phone’s manufacturer.

Using the network protocol feature of the NetGuard firewall I can see that very frequently data is (attempted to) being sent via these apps. I have not investigated the content of the data being sent but maybe somebody else will do so for common system-apps and phone models until new Android alternatives exist.

Furthermore, is there a way to disable such apps in a way that has similar results on phone performance, security and privacy as uninstalling them (like sandboxing the app) without rooting the device and using default Android OS on the hardware?