unit testing – How to test variable values due to different database types?

I am working on a program that needs to work on values that are fetched from different database types: currently we support 12 different database types. My code applies some business logic to the values fetched from the database, a score is calculated and values are ordered. I have written tests for this business logic. Due to the differences of 10^-6 between values fetched from different databases, ordering changes depending on the database type.
For production, I believe difference in ordering due to a difference of 10^-6 is acceptable. (Especially because we say the data integrity and quality is user’s responsibility for our product.) Also, our tests for fetching values from dbs test up to a 10^-5 precision.
What is the best way to test this ? Namely, ordering changes due to small differences in database type.
Note.Two databases that give different results are Sqlite3 and MariaDB.