unity – A good example of a “standard 3D lobby”

In a “standard” 3D lobby,

  1. users arrive in a 3D space, you get a 3D avatar
  2. you land in some position (not crashing an existing member)
  3. over your own shoulder view
  4. with keys or mouse your 3D character can walk around
  5. you can saunter over to ‘doors’ which take you to a shop, room etc
  6. usually if you touch up to another member you can see a badge/etc

So, exactly like the “3D lobby” in any movie about games (Ready P1, Wreck It Ralph, etc etc) or a thousand 3D lobbies in games (the mall in Splatoon, whatever). All VR everything has a 3D lobby.

There must surely be 3D lobby kits, tutorials or examples.

I’m finding it hard to google (as you typically get UX text “lobbies” for Unity, ie an explanation of matchmaking etc).