unity – Bloom not working on mobile build (URP)

I am trying to add bloom in my unity game for mobile phones using URP,
The problem is, everything works perfectly in the editor/pc,
But the bloom effect vanishes on the actual apk build.

This is how it looks in the editor – Upper window is game view and below is the scene view

This is what it ends up on the mobile –


All the other post processing effects works except bloom…

Unity Version – 2020.1.2f1

URP Version – 8.2.0

Post processing is enabled on the camera component
HRD is enabled in the SRP settings asset

I don’t know what am I missing or even it is possible to have bloom on mobile.
I’ve tried all sorts of things, but nothing works, Even tried on multiple android devices,
But I get same results every time…

Anyone who knows how to make it work, please help me,
I’ll be really grateful.