unity – Dialogue trees voiceover

I am planning to get my game dialogue trees voiced. Something like this:

enter image description here

However I am not sure how can I hand in the dialogue scripts in any understandable format for both me and the voice actor.

The image example from above is probably done by hand in photoshop and I dont have the time to bother with all of that. The plugin I am using does not have the full text in the separate boxes and even if it did the only way to show that to the actor is to make multiple screenshots and then combine them to one big image.

I have found a few separate programs for this, but they would require the various voice actors to install some unknown software to their machines… and I dont think any of them would want to risk that.

So to my question… What is the professional way of doing this ? I would prefer an online tool that doesn’t require any installation or if I can convert all the dialogue boxes to one big image.