unity – GameObject.FindWithTag makes strange mistakes

I have two first-person-controller scripts, one that handles the basic movement functionality, the other that looks around. I also have a CursorLockManager script that takes care of locking the cursor and blocking movement and searching (when opening menus, etc.). At the beginning of the cursor lock script I have two GameObject.FindWithTag lines in the startup function. One searches for the playerLook script and the other searches for the playerMove script. I've set them up the same way, but one of them does not work.

First lines of the CursorLockManager script:

public KeyCode menuKey;
public PlayerLook playerLook;
public PlayerMove PlayerMove;
public bool menuIsOpened;
public GameObject tempMenu;

Privatvoid Start ()

playerLook = GameObject.FindWithTag ("Camera"). GetComponent();
playerMove = GameObject.FindWithTag ("FP_Controller"). GetComponent();


and the error Unity throws:

UnityException: Tag: Camera is undefined

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Line 17 of the CursorLockManager:

                                playerLook = GameObject.FindWithTag ("Camera"). GetComponent();

Any help would be appreciated. If you need more information, I am at your disposal.