unity – How can I display a 3d object and my player on a canvas?

The main goal is to animate my player with animator on a canvas.
The problem is that any 3d object (my player, a cube) I drag over the canvas is transparent/not seen.

The main camera is set to Clear Flags : Depth Only and Culling Mask to Everything.

The Main Menu Canvas is set render mode to Screen Space Camera and I selected the main camera.

The Main Menu Background Material is set to New Material I created and on the new material I added a shader I created that make this image to be blur.

The main camera settings screenshot :

Main camera settings

And the Canvas settings :

Canvas settings

And the Main Menu Background settings :

main menu background settings

You can see in all the screenshots in the scene view top left that my player and the cube both are transparent on the canvas.

Now if I change the Main Camera Clear Flags to SkyBox then I see my player and the cube but also they are not looking like they should be with the texture/materials and also I don’t want the Main Camera to be the clear flags on SkyBox I want the objects to be over the blur image so the Main Camera should be clear flags depth only.

The main goal again is to put my player on the canvas with the blur image and animate my player. This is for my main menu.

  • The canvas that will display the player if the player will be on his own canvas should be transparent and only display the player so the canvas will not overlap the other cnavas with the blur image.

  • I want to animate using animator the player not only to display it as static object.

This is a screenshot of what I mean I used paint to cut my player and put it on but the player canvas should be transparent or without a canvas the player should be on like the ui button on the left :

Example of what I mean

Another screenshot. On the top it’s the scene view window the player the ui button and the blur image.

On the bottom the game view window the ui button is on the blur image.
I want the player to be the same as the ui button on the blur image and then to animate the player. Not like in my other screenshot the player should not have a skybox background or something it should be like the ui button on the blur image: