unity – How to handle movements of objects in a platformer with a cylindrical map?

I was wondering what would be the best approach for a game with a perspective like Resogun, where the world wraps around in a cylinder:

Resogun screenshot

In my opinion, the easiest approach is to:

=> The objects will move, though this will become super limited very quickly, especially if you want to do any sort of physics.

The 2nd approach is math:

x = centerX + cos(angle)*radius;
x = centerY + sin(angle)*radius;

Now i wonder if there is another way, I was thinking of another method which basically consist of changing the Forward direction of the moving objects based on their position in “the circle”, so basically the objects always move forward but adjust their rotation according to their position so they are always facing the right angle.

My main question is that if you want to create a puzzle platformer game like Limbo for example, but in a “cylindrical” map like Resogun, how would you tackle it ?