unity – Is it possible to make timeline signals trigger “earlier” compared to their placement on the timeline?

I am working on a game similar to guitar hero

Basic idea is that game objects are spawn far away from the player by timeline signals that are placed against an audio file i.e. objects are spawn every time a kick drum is hit in the song. These objects them move towards the player.

enter image description here

Now the issue, as these are spawn far away from the player and synced to the music, by the time they actually arrive to the player they are out of sync with the music if that makes sense.

I need to spawn / trigger this signals 1 second earlier than when they are placed on the timeline so that when they arrive to the player they are actually in sync with music.

One obvious solution is to move them manually within the timeline, but this approach makes it extremely hard to work with, so I wanted to check if there is a more elegant / programmatic solution to this perhaps?