unity – Issues detecting if position is inside a Polygon2DCollider

I have a Polygon2DCollider set in my scene that I am using Physics2D.OverlapPoint(position, 0) to see if the set position collides with anything. Initially, the collider is stored in memory and then deactivated for future use. When I want to use it I do the following:


Collider2D collider = Physics2D.OverlapPoint(testPosition, 0);
if (collider == null || collider.tag != targetColliderObj.tag)
    Debug.Log("Unable to move down a floor.");

In the code above I activate the target gameobject for the Polygon2DCollider and check to see if the testPosition is within the collider. The collider is always null even though I am placing the testPosition inside of the collider. Also, I am checking on layer mask 0. The gameobject of the Polygon2DCollider is also on the Default layer (0).