Unity: Opacity over Distance with Surface Shaders

I want to tweak the alpha value based on the distance to the camera. But I see no way of passing the vertex position on to the surface function using surface shaders. Not a problem with frag shader.

It’s for fading out vegetation and creating LOD systems.

Shader "asdf" {
SubShader {
    #pragma surface surf StandardSpecular alphatest:_Cutoff addshadow vertex:vert
    struct v2f {
        float4 pos : TEXCOORD1;

    struct Input {
        float2 uv_Maintex;
    v2f vert (inout appdata_base v) {
        v2f o;
        o.pos = mul(unity_ObjectToWorld, v.vertex);
        return o;

    void surf (Input IN, inout SurfaceOutputStandardSpecular o) {
        //Need vertex or pixel distance here:
        //float dist = length(v2f.pos.xyz - _WorldSpaceCameraPos.xyz);
        //o.Alpha = saturate(50/dist);