unity – The language of the driver's language is always reset

We recently worked with Unity 2018.3.0b11 and can now use newer C # functions, which is amazing! However, every time you restart Rider, all C # 7.0 features like the following are weighted:

Improve the complaint about C # 7.0 features

With AutoFix, ReSharper can suggest C # 7.0 features:

Increase the automatic correction of C # 7.0

When you open the properties for the assembly, it indicates that the language level has been reset to latest:

Language back to "current"

If I change it specifically to 7.3 and close and reopen the settings, it now states that the settings in the "Rider Settings" are overridden to C # 6.0.

The language is overridden in the Rider settings on C # 6.0

If I click "Reset", it will work until I restart Rider the next time and the first status reappears.

The use of the "Auto-Fix" seems to require the first step first (specifically to change 7.0), with the complaint still occurring. If I then do it a second time, the second step will be executed ("reset").

Has anyone else experienced this with Unity 2018, and did you come up with a permanent solution?