unity – Two Colliders on the same GameObject for different purposes

I’m somewhat new to Unity and am trying to build a battle system.
Right now, I have an attack that checks collisions with enemy objects like this:

private void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other) {
  if (other.gameObject.layer != LayerMask.NameToLayer(_hurtboxLayer))

  var enemyHealth = other.GetComponent<Health>();

My game also uses Rigidbody2D objects to let the player and enemies bump into each other.
Because I want the “bumping” Collider2D be different from the hitbox Collider2D, I made a child GameObject called Hurtbox for each enemy.
The Hurtbox objects have a Health behaviour which handles the HP and death of an enemy:

public class Health : MonoBehaviour {

  (SerializeField) private int _initialHealthPoints;
  private int _healthPoints;

  public void TakeDamage(int damagePoints) {
    _healthPoints -= damagePoints;

    if (_healthPoints <= 0) {

  private void Die() {

  private void Start() {
    _healthPoints = _initialHealthPoints;


The Die method only destroys the hurtbox object and is not allowed to destroy the enemy object, which is its parent.
Is there any way I can put both Collider2Ds and the Health behaviour on the same GameObject and only check a specific Collider in the OnTriggerEnter2D method?