unity – Unity2019 – PrintDocument ignoring ‘DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = true’

So I’m trying to print from Unity in landscape and while I can get it to print just not in landscape.

So I create a PrinterSettings Object in ‘void Start’ and set the printer and tray from dropdowns… and that part appears to work but it’s fully ignoring the Landscape property.

public void ShowDialog(string filePath, bool isLandscape)
    PdfiumViewer.PdfDocument pdfiumDoc = PdfiumViewer.PdfDocument.Load(filePath);
    _printDocument = pdfiumDoc.CreatePrintDocument();
    _printDocument.DocumentName = "Print Document";

    _isLandscape = isLandscape;


public void Print()
    int index = _paperSourcesStrings.IndexOf(SelectedPaperSource);

    _printDocument.PrinterSettings = _printerSettings;
    _printDocument.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = _isLandscape;

    if (index != -1)
        _printDocument.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSource = _paperSources(index);