unity – We are asked not to use “Set Native Size”

it’s been around 2.5 weeks since we were tasked to build a 2d mobile game. The game heavely uses canvas and we have lots of images. Our designer uses Figma to design the game and I export images from it.

If you have ever used Figma or Sketch, you may know that their mobile phone frame width and height is quite different than the physical device. For example, iPhone Pro Max frame in Figma has 896×414 but the physical device 2688×1242. So all the screens and the images in design is scaled down to look good in Figma’s 896×414 frame.

Another important thing I think worth to mention is that we set our Canvas Scaler‘s reference resolution to 1920×1080 as shown in the image below.

enter image description here

So the thing is, there is also a guy, who is much more experienced in Unity, told us that we should export images from Figma with 2x scale. He says that images will look blurry if we export them in 1x.

On top of that, he told us not to use Image component’s Set Native Size property, because the image has twice the size shown in Figma. Instead we should scale down the images ourselves MANUALLY with eye decision (not sure if that phrase exists).

So I am confused and not sure if that method is correct. What is a common practice in such situations? Do people not use Set Native Size? What would be a correct way of exporting images from Figma to a 1920×1080 canvas?

P.S. As I am new to Unity, I may not be able to explain the situation correctly, if there is some extra information you need, feel free to ask in the comments.