unity – Why is my mouse teleporting to the left as you drag?

The x position of my mouse seems to divide by three-fifths, and I'm not sure why. This is always the case when I drag an icon, drag some text or image from a browser window, or even set the Click-to-Drag-Yoke controls in the FlightGear Flight Simulator (the mouse button is not pressed). ).

I ran xinput test-xi2 - root based on another post I've seen and discovered
Event: 1006,60 / 795,00 will be instant Event: 402.00 / 795.00 etc … Although this seems to happen in the same event, the evaluators in these events often read numbers that are similar to the numbers that are similar to the coordinates to which the mouse is currently jumping. Each jump occurs a fraction of a second after I start dragging, and with each drag, the mouse usually jumps one to three times, seemingly three-fifths each time. I can seem to delay the effect by more than a second by starting and pausing the drag gesture (while holding down the button) immediately after the clone of the dragged icon is displayed. However, if I resume mouse movement, the mouse telephones immediately 3/5 of the way to the left (even across multiple monitors). It tends to jump more than once before stopping when I move the mouse slowly or gently.

Note: I've recently set up a touchscreen monitor (Planar PCT2485), so I'm sure the facility has something to do with it. However, this happens ONLY when a mouse button is pressed (or software emulates) the mouse is pressed). Nothing touched the touchscreen. The touch screen will turn off and LITERAL will be removed if this is the case. However, this also happens when the screen is turned on. My two main monitors (both Dell up2414q, left and center) both run at 4K and the touchscreen (right) has 1080p. Now that the touch screen is calibrated properly, I never want to enter xrandr again. Please do not bring me!

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit
Quadro K5200 / PCIe / SSE2