Unix – Java "Symbol Lookup Error" for JLI_InitArgProcessing when run with setcap functions

We have Java 11 installed on a server that is supposed to monitor a network interface for traffic.

After the first installation (yum install java-11-openjdk-devel.x86_64) the Java Command works fine for both root and a regular user

However, our Java application will not run as root. But when we run:

setcap cap_net_raw, cap_net_admin = eip / path / to / java

It sets the skills and runs Java version as root works well.

But after Setcap was executedwhen I try to run Java version As a normal user I see:

Java: Symbol Lookup Error: Java: Undefined Icon: JLI_InitArgProcessing

This seems to be intentional security protection as described here: Linux functions (setcap) appear to disable LD_LIBRARY_PATH

But my question is: How can I allow this? Java use these functions (network packet capture) under a normal user account?