Unkillable and undeletable virus (Windows 10)

I downloaded something off a link and once I installed it a few minutes later this thing popped up in task manager: Microsoft Edge Update Setup/libmfxsw32.exe. I tried to open its file location in Task Manager (located in "%APPDATA%/Mxmetamux") and it says that access is denied, along with that the folder never displays in file explorer. I looked up the exe’s name and it says that it executes these files: icalcs.exe, cmd.exe, and fontdrchost.exe. I know that icalcs.exe is the one that manages folder permissions, and I once tried both the takeown and icalcs commands that were "executed successfully" but didn’t make the folder accessible. I tried ending the libmfxsw32.exe process but it keeps popping up again in task manager.