unreal 4 – Save current pose snapshot of a skeletal mesh as a new animation sequence asset from blueprint

What I’m trying to do is create a Blueprint Utility tool that lets me create an Animation Sequence asset to save the current Pose Snapshot of a skeletal mesh.

I see there’s Create Asset node from Asset Tools Actor but I have no clue on how to create the factory to make it (same with Create Asset with Dialog).

I’m currently trying by using the LE Extended Standard Library that provides the Engine of many Factory blueprints, but whenever I try to save it, the engine crashes and I cannot investigate the error. A possible issue could be linked to the calling context? I’m not sure about that one and I didn’t find an answer on UE4 forums.

current state

What I would like to achieve is to create an asset like this:

asset from content browser

Animation Sequence asset I want to create

by providing the Pose Snapshot (collection of bones and transforms) of the selected actor:

in game actor selected