Update Checkout Shipping Address with beforeSaveAddressInformation Plugin

I am pretty new to Magento but I am in the process of building out a plugin that will eventually validate a user’s shipping address and then update the user’s shipping address on the payment screen.

My plugin seems to be firing fine as I can write to the log and see the updated address in the quote_address table but the address is not updated on the payment screen. Can someone point out what I am missing here?

Old address on Payment Screen:

enter image description here

Plugin Code:

public function beforeSaveAddressInformation(
    MagentoCheckoutModelShippingInformationManagement $subject,
    MagentoCheckoutApiDataShippingInformationInterface $addressInformation
    $addressInformation->getShippingAddress()->setStreet("123 Updated Rd");
    $addressInformation->getBillingAddress()->setStreet("123 Updated Rd");

    $return = ($cartId, $addressInformation);

    return $return;